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honey bee elderflower, 2022

I focus on representing the under-represented, thus capturing those ethereal moments. The camera and paint and brushes are the tools that I use to illuminate the surreal elements of nature, of life, of us.

Recent Photographic Works

I am taking on new projects. If you have any photography projects, a painting commission or want to say hi, please get in touch.


peach cobbler

kitchen witchery September, the Farm About year ago I sent a text to my mom asking for her peach cobbler recipe. I have fond memories eating this as a kid and I really wanted to make it just as she […]

a fair autumn day

poetry a fair autumn day On a fair autumn day With cotton ball clouds in an azure sky Slow your breath To match the pace of those clouds Everything will decelerate and Sway with the yellow gold foliage Who still […]

can’t stop, won’t stop

life update part 3 2pm, the Farm It seems natural that a move in one area will create ripples and the need for change (movement) in others. During the first half of 2022 I focused a lot on photography. Specifically […]

living in two places at once

life update part 2 4pm, the Farm While saying that I’ve moved is accurate, it’s not really the whole story. Sure, my bed and work is in Cambridge Springs at the moment, but Harrisburg still has a large piece of […]

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Crissy Wagner is a prize-winning photographer and artist based in Harrisburg and Cambridge Springs Pennsylvania.