about me

Crissy Wagner is a prize-winning photographer and artist based in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Their work has been in the Art Association of Harrisburg’s International Juried Show 3 years in a row (2019-2021) and they won 1st prize in Photography in 2019. Their watercolor “Jonathan” was a part of Creating Joy at the Suquehanna Art Museum. Harrisburg photos they have taken are featured on Kristen Shelton‘s website.

As an artist and photographer living along the Susquehanna and the French Creek

I draw so much inspiration from water. Rivers and creeks and what they flow past. The changeling quality a river possesses, yet it seems to be ever steadfast. I hope to capture these aspects and so much more in my art. I don’t want to be limited, which I suspect neither do rivers, by one medium or one way of communicating.

Painting with watercolors or acrylics, drawing pet portraits in colored pencils, photographing people, photographing myself, all of these are small facets of the larger part of myself I see as an artist. The bread I baked the other morning, how is that any different than any other work of art?

live – meditate – create

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