rainbow nostalgia

I’ve long had a thing for rainbows. In school my notebooks got covered with doodles and those doodles often got rainbow-fied. Last week I drew an anatomical heart, another thing I’ve had a thing for since high school days, as a quick little exercise. Combining the two things, rainbow and heart, was a real nostalgia kick. I remembered the heart from health class, the textured rainbow paintings I made and lost in the house on Harrison Street in Palmyra when I was a different person, to the double rainbows worth pulling the car over and worth just experiencing, the increasing number of rainbow colored flags hanging from houses I see on my walks around Harrisburg, and finally to the hbgpride magnet that sprung from a painting that sprung from a reflection of queer happiness.

If you would like to know a bit more about my hbgpride story or to purchase a magnet, you can head over here.


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