Pride HBG 2021

The story of the magnets

Pride HBG 2021

In Spring of 2021 I was inspired to do a line drawing of Pennsylvania’s state capitol, based off of a photograph of mine. Living in Harrisburg I feel really fortunate to be able to take a short and pleasant walk to City Island, and be able to look back across the Susquehanna river taking in the beautiful city looking back at me.

To the simple drawing I added bullseye like rings and used gouache to color the rings in, the rainbow color pattern is influenced by the Progress Pride flag designed by Daniel Quasar. The process became meditative for me. I thought about my own journey with queerness and how Harrisburg became home for so many of my positive queer experiences. I wanted to radiate happy queer love back to the city.

A dear friend once told me that she loves my work, but lacks that wall space to hang everything. So, I figured, why not magnets? Now I love to think about the magnets that reside on cars and refrigerators, shining some queer love at someone. It makes me smile. 🙂

Pride HBG 2021 Magnet

5 inch by 4 and a half inch magnet featuring my original watercolor painting PrideHBG. I keep a small inventory and ship as quickly as possible. I appreciate your patience.


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