Centralia – 2014

In organizing my photos, I keep finding old work that I really love. That makes me happy has an artist. To find things that make me smile, knowing I made them and I still like them. It’s like I’m saying, “I still like me.” These random photos from an impromptu trip to Centralia on October 8, 2014 marked a wonderful step forward in my artistic skills and in my inner work needed to become the person I wanted to become. The person I am still working on becoming. I think about becoming and what that means to me often. It is an ever changing, almost ephemeral thought to me now. Because to think about becoming, is to think about duality, and how things are impermanent. That the person I was trying to become is smaller and less than that person I am today.

I love that I can love the person I was, and love the person I am, and also that person I am becoming (even though I don’t know that person yet, and never will truly) at the same time. These photos are self portraits of a person trying. Trying so hard, and succeeding, though they didn’t recognize it at the time.


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  1. All of these are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your passion 💙

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