common mullein

Common Mullein

I’ve recently fallen in love with the colors of winter wheat and sky blue. Which is timely because that is exactly what you’ll seen when walking along the Susquehanna river right now. Early afternoon is the best. The light is so austere and harsh on the eyes, that on a recent photo walk I just shot and hoped for the best. I could barely see what I was shooting through my perma-squint. Which was fine by me, walking by the river is a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon December.

Walking and looking at the plants along the river in all seasons, and trying to be mindful at the same time, I am getting better at identifying my plant neighbors. Mullein is easy, with its velvety fingers reaching for the sky. I want to get better at foraging and identification in general and in the wintertime.

This is such a fun adventure to be on. Learning and relearning about the world around me. Even in a (small) city we have so much beauty and an earth eager to share with us. Building skills to see what is before me is a life long goal that I’ll always be working on.


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