living in two places at once

life update part 2

4pm, the Farm

While saying that I’ve moved is accurate, it’s not really the whole story. Sure, my bed and work is in Cambridge Springs at the moment, but Harrisburg still has a large piece of my heart. There are people there that I think of and miss daily. So I imagine myself as someone who claims two places as home. Or places that come near enough to the feeling of what home is supposed to feel like. Staying on the Farm and making trips to Harrisburg will be the status quo for a bit. Being a vagabond (with a cat) feels new. I suppose it shouldn’t, moving about every 2 years isn’t exactly stable.

Since settling at the Farm in June I’ve completed 3 paintings and have started a new commission. I’ve spoken before about wanting systems in place that will make it easier to live my life. Why does that seem so hard? I shall accept and learn, hence systems. Lately (since June) I’ve been using the Enlightenment planner. This is #notanad. It’s just me finding the system I need right now and excitedly sharing about it. Not to mention I bought this planner 2 years ago, used it for 3 months and then shoved it into a drawer. And heaven knows why I decided to put it in a box while packing, rather than toss it (this all sounds of my ADHD running amok, because of course I keep all of my half used planners and journals. Don’t get me started on pens.) Well, praise be to my ADHD because this planner is keeping me going right now. (And distracting me from the point of the rambling post.) And the point of this is to say while I’m off painting in the rurals of Pennsylvania and missing the river and the city, I have a system that’s working. Which is great because I have so much that I’m excited to do and having the support to do it will make it easier and a joy.

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