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life update part 3

2pm, the Farm

It seems natural that a move in one area will create ripples and the need for change (movement) in others. During the first half of 2022 I focused a lot on photography. Specifically portraiture, and it was such a joy to flex that muscle. Since I’ve moved, and I’m splitting my time between Harrisburg and Cambridge Springs (and not evenly) it’s been mostly a painting creative zone for me lately (which has been great and hopefully I’ll be able to share some really great painting news soon). Ripples, changes, you can’t stop them from happening. I am getting better at rolling with them though. Once again, I feel myself circling back to talking about having systems in place that help sustain me. I’m ok with that.

Because that means I can use that as a lazy segue to talk about the updates and changes I’ve made here to this website. I love this little corner of the internet that I call my own. I wish more people had their own websites, I’d much rather go to all my friends weblogs than to Instagram or Facebook or anything like that right now. Let the parasocial sites be the ways people find me (and my long ass essays) here on this page. Because I updated my Home page and I love it! I tweaked my Journal and now it flows so much better and I want to actually write in it. I now have dedicated! space! for! portfolios! (link in the first paragraph) and I did a wee overhaul of my session prices (link also in the first paragraph).

I have more to do and more to share, but for now I’m really happy where I’m at and with what I’m doing. And that feels like the most important thing.

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