harvest moon

September 2022, The Farm

Many moons have already past since the Harvest moon, but I still want to keep a record of it here. It was a lovely one for me. Full of exploration and foraging, a moon truly about the harvest.

I’m currently benefitting from how I spent my time in September. During my time exploring the swampy woods that surrounds the Farm I found Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) growing in huge

patches. Especially around a group of Amanita muscaria var. guessowii. I was excited to find the yarrow, back in July I experienced it’s healing powers while dealing with a summer flu.

I harvested a few small handfuls of the leaves (aptly named millefolium or thousand leaf) and petals to make some oils. One of those oils I’m currently using to treat a burn. Had I not taken the time to honor the harvest those many moons ago, I wouldn’t have the medicine I’m using to heal myself. I’m really happy I’m noticing this, a positive seemingly unrelated experience in the past is currently improving my experience today. Now, I am fully expecting this realization and the time to mindfully experience it, will positively impact a future experience. What a lovely harvest indeed!


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