leveling up

Each year, for the past a lot of years, I take a self portrait. Which doesn’t feel very surprising to say, given that I do a lot of self portraiture already. This year was special though, because I had a fun realization about myself.

That I believe I do this ritual, of a yearly portrait on my birthday, because I grew up having a school portrait day that was close to my birthday. I often had some new clothes to wear and that was generally a really positive experience for me.

I think I do this now to recreate those positive feelings I got while getting my picture taken. Some years I have a really GRAND IDEA, and some years (like this one) I run outside quick because it’s pouring rain and a Ziploc bag makes for ok wet weather protective gear.

The next few months will be quiet ones (I hope) full of visiting friends, a little adventure, and preparing for coming year (hopefully full of more visiting friends, adventure and a lot of art that I’m eager to share).


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