Thoughts on Visualization

Sometimes the only way I can get anything done is by laying in bed and visualizing what I want to accomplish. Depending on what I’m working on, this can take months. Repeating this laying in bed and imaging how I’d like to do things. Different scenarios, different options, all floating through my mind being weighed and judged for viability.

If this sounds exhausting, well that’s because it can be. I jokingly said to a friend recently that I wasn’t taught how to project manage my life. But the truth is, not many people are taught how to do that. How to evaluate and prioritize the minutia of one’s life wasn’t a course taught in any school I went to, and eventually life took over and I just hung on.

Hanging on doesn’t feel like living.

Now I’m getting back to finding things that work for me. And visualization works for me. I don’t always have to lay in bed, sometimes I walk or garden. Or just sit and meditate. What starts off as visualizing things usually ends up being many minutes of quiet and peace. And then sometimes it’s easy to see what needs to be set aside and what needs to be picked up.

What is important to me is the feeling of accomplishment. I get this in small and large ways, doing the dishes to completion or finishing a painting, booking and executing a photoshoot, they all hit the nail on the head for me. I get the thrill of completion for them all. Setting myself up for success, in small and large ways, has become so important to me. By taking the time to visualize what those success look like, I know I’m doing the initial steps to get me to those successes.

I have no good way to end this post. So I’m going to take the quick way out, as I’ve been working on this since December, and say landings are hard. Plus, at this point, hitting the blue Publish button will feel like a success regardless of the quality of writing.


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